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Just want to say thank you so much for coming to this page. Whether you end up donating or not, I truly appreciate stepping further than so many other people and learning about this amazing organization!


That being said... Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM) raises funds and awareness for pediatric rehabilitation programs at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor and Beaumont Children’s in Royal Oak, MI. What that means is this: we fund programs that help children grow as individuals, and sometimes, we are the only way that they get this funding.


Some other fun facts are that we're one of the largest student organizations on Michigan's campus. We're the largest student-run non-profit org in Michigan. It's been my family and home ever since I started going to U of M.


One of the coolest things about DMUM is that we get to volunteer at the therapies our families benefit from! The therapies include tree climbing, swimming, martial arts, dancing, bowling, creative coping, and many more. I was lucky enough to go tree climbing with Donald, the kid in my profile picture, my sophomore year, and I swear, my arms are still tired from that!


Now, we wouldn't be called Dance Marathon if there wasn't any dancing, right?? The reason behind our name is this: on March 25th, 2017 I will be standing on my feet for 24 consecutive hours with over 1,000 of my fellow students and friends to support the children and families who benefit directly from the programs we raise money for! Please consider helping me to reach my goal of $1,500 for the kids!


Forever FTK (For The Kids),

Ben Galen


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