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 Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM) raises funds and awareness for pediatric rehabilitation programs at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor and Beaumont Children’s in Royal Oak, MI. Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan is the largest student-run non-profit organization and I couldnt be prouder to be a part of the most amazing organization on campus. There are wonderful therapies that we sponsor to offer children the unique opportunity to be a part of. This month I volunteered at tree climbing, where I was able to have the opportunity of a lifetime and climb trees with multiple kids and other DMUM volunteers. My first 2 years in DMUM I was a captain of the Chi Omega team, and not only were we one of the lead fundraising teams, but we had an AMAZING buddy Alyssa, who is the one of the most passionate and driven girls I have ever met. My experiences with the DMUM families and specifically Alyssa, inspired me to take on the position of Family Relations chair. This role allows me to connect on a more personal level to multiple different families, while assisting the families in meeting and spending time with the dancers.  This year I have met so many wonderful families who have shared some amazing stories. 

On March 25th, 2016 I will be standing on my feet for 24 consecutive hours with over 1,000 of my fellow students and friends to support the children and families who benefit directly from the programs we raise money for! Some of our families are unable to make it to the event due to surgeries or illness, so please help us help them get the rehabilitation therapy the need!

 Please consider helping me to reach my goal of $1,000 for the kids!

Always For the Kids #FTKFTK,



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